The little Red Riding Hood - An Adult Version

It was a nice breezy fall day and Jessica had nothing to do. Her mother called her into the kitchen and told her that her granny had taken sick.

"I've prepared a basket of goodies", said her mother. "I would like you to go see your granny and give her this food with some comforting words so that she can be well soon again"

Given that she had nothing better to do, Jessica figured that the walk through the forest would be quite nice at this time of the year. The leaves were falling from the trees and the scenery would be quite enchanting.

Out of the closet she took out her large red cloak for which she was so famously nick-named little red riding hood, and she proceeded to put it on. She took the basket her mother had prepared and as she walked out the door her mother yelled after her "Stay on the path and be very careful, there are wolves in the forest".

She yelled back "I'll be fine mama" and skipping merrily on, she entered the forest. It was beautiful day and soon she got to a clearing where beautiful flowers were growing. She decided that it would be really nice if she had a bouquet of flowers to bring to her granny so she put down her basket and proceeded to pick some flowers.

She was totally absorbed in what she was doing and did not notice the silouhette quietly creeping up behind her. He came right up to her and she noticed that someone was casting a shadow over the flowers she was picking. She turned around to see a most extra- ordinary sight. There he was behind her, the biggest white wolf she had ever seen and not only that but he was standing up on his hind legs with what she would have qualified as a grin.

"Greetings my lady" said the Big White Wolf.

"Hi!", replied the little red riding hood. She could not mutter anything else since she was so astonished that he could talk.

"So tell me, what brings a cute dainty damsel like you in these neck of the woods?" asked the White Wolf.

Jessica got her composure back. Was this the big bad wolf her mom had spoken off? He certainly looked friendly to her. She looked longingly at his soft white fur and felt like stroking him. He sure was the best looking wolf she had ever seen.

"I'm going to my granny's house on the other side of the forest. She is not feeling too well so I'm bringing her a basket of goodies" Jessica answered.

"Ah," said the Wolf, "and where does you grandmother live?" "About half a mile from here, through the woods, in a little white cottage covered with roses and a white picket fence." said Jessica.

When he heard this, the Wolf licked his lips. "That little girl will taste very sweet," he thought to himself. "I'll keep her for dessert. I'll eat out the old grandmother first."

And he went on through the woods while Little Red Riding Hood stooped to pick flowers for a bouquet to take to her grandmother.

The wolf went on very quickly through the woods, and when he reached Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's house he knocked at the door.

"Who is there? the grandmother said in a weak voice.

"Little Red Riding Hood," said the wolf trying to imitate the sweet high voice of the little girl.

"Lift up the latch, open the door, and walk in," said the grandmother.

The wolf opened the door and walked in. Then the grandmother saw it wasn't Little Red Riding Hood at all but a great big wolf.

"YOU!" exclaimed the Grandmother. "I thought I had seen the last of you when you had finished with my daughter. You swore you would stay out of our lives!"

"Oh yes," said the wolf, "I did, didn't I? But that was before I saw this succulent little morsel walking through the woods picking flowers for her grandmother. You know the deal, in exchange for not killing you or your daughter, you would have sex with me and any other female that would follow in the family line. I should be very angry at you for not telling me that another female had been born into your house."

"Please, she is still young, still innocent, have your way with me, but please leave my granddaughter alone," begged the grandmother.

"Oh, my dear lady," said the wolf with a sheepish grin on his face, "I fully intend to."

He grabbed the grandmother's night-dress and ripped it open, exposing her small, sagging breasts. "Oh grandma!, exclaimed the wolf, "what erect nipples you have!" And with that proceeded to nibble on her breasts while he pawed at her crotch. Soon his long probing tongue found it's way down, and he started lapping away. "Hmmm," moaned the wolf, "you may not be as wet as you used to, but you still haven't lost that taste. Almost like a fine wine that gets mellower as it gets older."

By now, the grandmother had completely forgotten the terror and was giving in to the waves of excitement that were rippling through her. At that moment, there was a knock on the door. The Wolf jumped off the grandmother and said, "Quick, give me your night-dress and get in the closet!"

"NOOOOOO! You promised you would leave my granddaughter alone!"

"No, I didn't promise anything, but if you don't get into the closet, I can promise that I will kill your granddaughter."

Reluctantly, the grandmother gave the wolf her torn night-dress and went and hid in the closet. The wolf, after donning the night-dress, crawled into the bed and said in his sweetest voice, "Who is it?"

"It's me grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood. I've come to bring you a basket of goodies and some flowers, may I come in?"

"Lift up the latch, open the door, and walk in," said the wolf.

"Here grandmother, I bought you some flowers and some goodies to help you feel better." But, as Jessica got closer to her grandmother, she noticed that something wasn't quite right.

"My, what big ears you have Grandma!"

"All the better to hear you with my dear."

"My, what big eyes you have Grandma!"

"All the better to see you with my dear."

At this point, Jessica grabbed the bedspread and pulled it off her grandmother. "My, what a big penis you have grandmother!"

"All the better to fuck you with," exclaimed the wolf as he jumped out of the bed. "Now take off that red cape of yours and let me see what goodies you have for me!"

As she stepped back, Jessica started undoing the string which held her cape together. "Boy is this wolf ever in for a surprise," she thought to herself. As the cape fell to the floor, the wolf was surprised to see that underneath her cape, Little Red Riding Hood was wearing nothing but a red lacy bra, a red garter belt and a red leather G-String.

"No Mr. Wolf," said Jessica, "you got it all wrong, let ME see what goodies YOU have for me!

The wolf started backing away. He hadn't been expecting this. Little Red Riding Hood stepped forward and grabbed the wolf by his dick. "Hmmm, not much here, but we can work around it," said Red. She stroked the wolf's dick until it was once again erect. She pushed him on the floor and sat on him. The wolf started whimpering as Red moved herself up and down on him. She went faster and faster till the wolf was almost howling with pleasure. Just as the wolf was about to cum, Red stopped.

"Why, did you stop," panted the wolf. "I'm not ready yet," said Red. She pushed herself off him and positioned herself over his face. "Be a good boy, eat all your dinner, and maybe I'll let you have dessert."

The wolf started licking Red, while Red played with her nipples. Moaning, Red moved around on the wolf's face. The wolf went faster and faster until finally Red climaxed. When she regained her composure, Red got up and walked to the other side of the room. "Hey, what about me?" asked the wolf. "Oh, you'll get yours very shortly," answered Red. She walked by the window and flashed her hand up in the air. Within two seconds a woodcutter came crashing through the door and stuck an axe into the wolf's chest.

The grandmother opened up the closet door to see what had become of her granddaughter. She was quite surprised when she saw Red standing next to the woodcutter looking at the dead wolf on the floor. "Well, I guess my little granddaughter is all grown up now," said the grandmother with a sad look on her face. "Well, grandma, I haven't been innocent for quite some time now. I hope you enjoy the flowers and the goodies my mother made for you, but if you don't mind," she said casting a glance at the woodcutter, "I have some things to take care of."

With that Little Red Riding Hood picked up her cape and left with the woodcutter. But that's another story.

Jessica Lovecraft and Yankee Rose (c) 1991